5 ways to burglar proof your home

We cannot always be inside the house to guard our property and neither does our presence deter burglars from accessing the premise. The proper security measure can be difference between peace of mind and imminent danger for your house.

Below are some tips to secure your home;

  1. Smart Locks

Consider smart locks for your front door as the first step to keeping your home protected. Smart doors are a keyless entry that let you open the door using passcodes, finger print or your mobile device. Not only are smart locks convenient as you can give access to guests via your mobile phone when you are away from home, but you will no longer be worried of losing your keys every time.

  1. Reinforce your door’s security

Other than smart locks, you could beef up your home security by strengthening the existing locks. A doorknob lock is vulnerable to break-ins due to their fragile state. Reinforcing them with a single or double-cylinder deadbolt provides more security and a peace of mind for the homeowner.

  1. See inside your home when you’re away

Video surveillance has made property stakeout simple and accessible via the mobile phone. Webcams are able to send live video feeds of inside your home directly to your phone or computer enabling you to monitor the inside of your home even while you are away.

  1. Install Alarms

An alarm system is a great deterrent to theft as any slight detection of an opened door, window or vibrations of a breaking glass would trigger the alarm to go off. Alarms are not only affordable but automatically notify the surrounding region of a suspected break-in.

  1. Install Exterior Surveillance

Just as webcams monitor the inside of your home, CCTV surveillance cameras and motion detectors should simultaneously be monitoring the exterior.  Motion detectors are able to detect any movement outside the premise and in the case of any intruder outside, the detection sensor lights would turn on. Video surveillance and detectors effectively deter any burglars from sneaking around your home.