Increasing Safety & Enhancing Situational Awareness.

Security Solutions for Government

Paladin Trading provides advanced technology security solutions that protect borders, citizens, critical infrastructure, personnel and key assets. Our security solutions for the Government optimize manpower, minimize costs, increase safety and enhance situational awareness.


Physical Security Strategy

We understand the importance of comprehensive security management. Our solutions enable customers to implement impenetrable infrastructure defense strategies critical to the protection of people, places, and resources.

Office Security - Paladin Trading

Increase Employee Safety

Surveillance cameras, access cotrol systems, automated alarms and alerts, including fire and smoke alarm systems and perimeter protection help in securing both people, data and Government assets.

Government Security Solutions - Paladin Trading

Identity & Visitor Management

High security is essential when it comes to government offices, hence the need to track visitors and prevent unauthorized access of personal and sensitive information.

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Security solutions and services designed for scalability, responsiveness, and flexibility.