Pros and cons of CCTV security for retail

CCTV surveillance has brought about a major shift in what technology can do in terms of monitoring and security. The ability to oversee a specific location or area 24/7, all year round has led to its growing popularity. It is important to note that however much all commercial properties and retail need CCTV surveillance for the safety their business, every innovation comes with its troubles. 

Let us weigh the pros and cons.



A CCTV surveillance camera installed at the entrance of your shop or set up at specific spots within your business would serve its greatest purpose of monitoring and recording each and every movement within the store. Such 24-hour surveillance instills a sense of safety for your workers and your customers as they go about their business.

Reduced Theft

When you know you’re being watched, you are likely not to steal. That is the principle of 24hr surveillance in a store with employees. The mere knowledge that a camera lens is watching their every move, it definitely inhibits any actions of theft or foul play.

Deter Crime

Once CCTV cameras are placed, you can almost immediately tell the aura has changed. Individuals are wearier of their actions, even those that are innocent. CCTV surveillance is able to deter actions of theft, violence and harassment since they can easily be captured and presented as evidence.

Monitor Activities

Security camera systems come in all shapes and sizes hence they can be placed anywhere as long as there is a power source nearby. With such proximity, you are able to monitor activities and every individual who walks in and out of your business.

Maintain Records

CCTV cameras can either backup information continuously i.e., CVR (Continuous Video Recording) or record when they detect motion i.e., motion-activated. Backed up records can easily be kept for record keeping or revisited for investigative purposes.



The price of a CCTV surveillance system can vary depending on the features, number of cameras, the monitoring systems you purchase and not to forget installation price. All these expenses could rake up to thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Kenyan shillings.

No privacy

Continuous CCTV surveillance sometimes overlooks privacy and it can get abit invasive especially when set up in areas that do not necessarily serve its intended purpose of either watching the register, the doors or the store aisle.

Just like any other invention, security cameras have their own negatives however their advantages highly outweigh their disadvantages. Security cameras definitely play a key role in today’s retail businesses and their security strategy. They ensure the safety of your customers, staff and ultimately your business.