5 ways to burglar proof your home

We cannot always be inside the house to guard our property and neither does our presence deter burglars from accessing the premise. The proper security measure can be difference between peace of mind and imminent danger for your house. Below are some tips to secure your home; Smart Locks Consider smart locks for your front […]

Pros and cons of CCTV security for retail

CCTV surveillance has brought about a major shift in what technology can do in terms of monitoring and security. The ability to oversee a specific location or area 24/7, all year round has led to its growing popularity. It is important to note that however much all commercial properties and retail need CCTV surveillance for […]

Fire Safety Tips

Fire extinguisher system on the wall background, powerful emergency equipment for industrial

A Fire can be a catastrophic event, leading to destruction of property or loss of life. To ensure that people in a building are protected and assets are safeguarded in the event that a fire breaks out, it is essential that every business have a fire safety plan in place. This fire safety plan should […]

Fortifying Your Business or Facility Security.

Today, no business can be guaranteed safe from security breaches. Business are preferred targets for burglars but small businesses face security issues too. This article explores how to be alert and how to keep abreast of  ways to avoid loss prevention. Securing your business against imminent risks requires adoption of all available tools and technologies […]

Technology is Key to Enabling an Efficient Security Workforce

In the workplace human error has demonstrated itself to be a very costly issue. Across every industry, preventable human errors rob businesses of profit, undercut quality, compromise safety and security. Advanced Security Technology provides systems that enable facility owners and managers to pervasively implement strategies designed to consistently lower their risk of incidents. With the […]