Health & Welness

Security Solutions for Health & Wellness Businesses

Safeguarding Data, Inventory, Equipment & People

Paladin’s 24 hour access control solutions provide guaranteed safety and peace of mind for facilities holding highly sensitive information and costly equipment such as labs, doctor’s offices, pharmacies and wellness centres ie. gyms and spas. An automated access control system deters unwanted entry while monitoring staff access.

HealthCare Security Solutions


Secure Data, Inventory and Equipment

Automated access control systems provide strict restrictions to unwanted entry that ultimately deters fraudulent access to sensitive information, machinery and inventory.


Monitor Restricted-Area Access

An automated access control paired with video surveillance allows you to monitor entry into restricted areas, conveniently overseeing access from wherever you are via integrated devices.


Meet Compliance Requirements

Our HealthCare Security checklist forms a crucial part of a comprehensive approach to help meet government regulations for securing patient records with effective door entry system solutions.

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