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Kenya’s leading distributor in Home Electronic Security Equipment.

Everything you need to keep your family and property protected.

With over 6 years of experience in delivering top level security systems and providing excellent system maintenance, Paladin Trading Limited understands the need for our clients to be and feel secure. Our home alarm system solutions are selected to not only protect but are expertly tailored and installed to suit your property needs.

Leader in Smart Home Security

Monitor and control your security devices from wherever you are using just your smartphone. Customize a home security system with selected add-ons and take control of your protection.

Some of our smart home security products

Video Surveillance

Alarm Systems

Intrusion Detection


Home Automation

System Servicing

Why Our Security Solutions Succeed

Our specialists ensure all our security systems are customized to meet your specific needs.

Our ongoing commitment is to stay ahead in the industry by providing the latest and trusted security solutions.

The goal is to make your home as smart as you are. Smart home security technology allows 24/7 monitoring at the palm of your hand.